Note: this model is wrong. This model only has value insofar as if you think this model has value, you can now know that you are wrong.




Have the Thing.
Hate the Thing.
Burn the Thing.
Hate having burned the Thing.
Transcend the Thing.
Reclaim the Thing.

Dreams of Paradise


You don’t transcend to reclaim it. You do it for other reasons.


If Cook-Greuter’s levels aren’t total bullshit, then I’m most likely hitting the construct-aware postauonamous stage right now. Not sure when I hit it, but it wasn’t very long ago (read: months). Some portions of me are still reworking earlier stages and filling in the gaps. I have some portions of 3rd person narratives and areas of early stage social interaction that I gave up on too early or never fully bought in to while progressing stage-wise in other areas fast enough to miss them. Those may still not be easy to work through.

The construct-aware stage is noted for trying “with great ingenuity and dedication to create super theories or multidimensional maps or tapestries of reality.” Sound like someone you know?

“Still others with the 5th person perspective begin to fathom the cognitive dimension of meaning making itself. They start to wonder about the meaningfulness of more and more complex thought structures and integrations such as can be imagined with a fifth or nth person perspective.”

That’s the part I’m working through right now. Not sure how long it will take.

Apparently the next step requires acknowledging the futility of multidimensional maps (presumably without expressing that in the form of multidimensional maps, which is where I’m at right now). This next stage claimed to exist is the Ego-aware stage.

I’ve just barely branched out a bit into the Ego-aware stage. (I can tell because portions of it make no sense to me while the overwhelming majority of everything at the construct-aware and earlier has easy pattern matching.) It doesn’t sound particularly pleasant, but are they ever? I’ll go there eventually, but I don’t know how long it will take me or what it will cost.


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