No matter what color, race, nationality, religion, cultural group, economic class, social class, height, type of person, orientation, or anything else someone will hate you for it. Let that sink in for a second, even if you could magically change one of those things to another for yourself, people would still hate you for that aspect of yourself. People will still hate your guts no matter what. The game is rigged. You lose.

People love to hate. They aren’t going to stop.

Being Universally Liked is Impossibile

[Talking about future blog]
NAR: being universally liked is literally impossible.

NAR: that will be one of my first posts

NAR: no matter what you do, no matter how awesome you are, no matter how amazingly beautiful of handsome you look, no matter how generous and kind you are to others there will always be people bitching about you(edited)

Responder 1: I’ve heard “Real. Known. Free of haters. Pick two.”

 NAR: I think people try to sacrifice Real or Known to avoid it, but they’re never really free of the haters. they just have fewer vocal ones.

NAR: you can be Buddha or Jesus himself and people will still bitch about you

NAR: this plugs back into my earlier comment. people think “if I stop doing X, people will like me”  or “if I stop offending group Y, then they’ll be kinder to me” except it’s often the case that the people who don’t do X aren’t doing any better than the group doing X and the group not offending Y aren’t doing any better than the group offending Y.

Responder 1: this connects with the mentality of not saying anything in order to not be disliked

NAR: if you say nothing. they still hate you.

NAR: there are other good reasons for actions in these areas. there are good reasons to not offend groups or not speak out, but avoiding being disliked or trying to be liked are easily not very good ones.
not if your rationality check says that the people following these forced customs aren’t being rewarded for it, that is.

[Further conversation which gets into discussing juvenile insults in youtube comments]

 NAR: the steelmanning drive in me wants to steelman that as “I dislike you for reasons I don’t understand or don’t want to say”


NAR: maybe “don’t steelman criticism of yourself” should be a rationalist idea. that’s worth toying with, at least.

[Mention of how the external image of life is very different than reality. Kurt Cobain is mentioned]

NAR: you can try really hard to be kurt cobain, but then you’re going to get addicted to heroin and your head blasted through by a shotgun

[Mention of things looking different from different perspectives]


Responder 1: Young people want to be rockstars and think it’s so cool, and that in some strange way I even think killing yourself or dying makes you even cooler


Responder 1: But….. you need to think about… really…. what his the personal experience of it all really like when Cobain ended up literally shooting himself in the head?


NAR: Dave Chappelle has some really good commentary on the rockstar-type life.

Responder 1: Yes! a fantastic example

NAR: and what it took to escape it
NAR: throwing it all away from you as hard as possible and literally traveling to Africa where they can’t mess with you


Responder 1: that’s the sort of thing people (and by people I mean me) are blind to when young and imagine that being rich and well-known must be aweosme. when you get more perspective you actually don’t overlook that


Responder 1: I remember that when Harper Lee found out that To Kill A Mockingbird was becoming a massively selling book, she freaked and stopped answering her phone and reading her mail. at least something along those lines